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Camping Grubhof in Lofer renews EU Ecolabel and Austrian eco-label

Camping Grubhof in Lofer renews EU Ecolabel and Austrian eco-label - ECOCAMPS

Popular campsite for families and nature-loving campers and also a pioneer in Europe when it comes to sustainability.

The Grubhof has been with ECOCAMPING for 13 years also bearer of the Austrian eco-label and the EU Ecolabel with its demanding criteria. Now the awards have been reviewed again.

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Martin Rolletschek from ECOCAMPING led the inspection, Otto Fichtl from VKI and Marco Knöpfle (ECOCAMPING) checked the criteria on site. Robert Stainer, owner of the Grubhof, answered the questions and gave a tour of the site. The inspectors were particularly impressed by the consistent use of renewable energies (photovoltaic systems with 190 kilowatts of power), water and energy efficiency, which is achieved, for example, through heat recovery, LED lighting with motion control, sensor taps and intelligent energy management.

Six charging points are available for electric guests. The site itself also favours electric vehicles. For those who prefer travelling by public transport: the free ski bus departs directly from the campsite and in July/August all public transport in the province of Salzburg is free. The surrounding area is also easy to explore by bike or on foot thanks to the dense network of paths.

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The natural design of the space and the extensive use of wood as a building material also ensure a healthy and comfortable indoor climate in the rental accommodation. This not only pleases the environmental experts, but also the guests. Nothing stood in the way of extending the awards.

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