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Longing for the South

Longing for the South - ECOCAMPS

The South: warmth, ease and holidays. The South is a way of life that campers are also looking for.

The summer holidays are approaching. This means that campers are getting closer to their dream of feeling relaxed, free and light in nature. Like in the south, this fantastic place of longing where you can enjoy life without a care in the world. Those who travel prefer to head south, where the joy of life awaits. They leave behind the north, where duty and hardship are at home. The north embodies the prison. So let's get to the south.

In his little book "Everyone needs their South", author Iso Camartin takes his readers on a daring journey through the southern utopia of poetry, art, music and philosophy. The South puts you in a good mood and is as light-footed as the South feels, writes Camartin. And if you want to indulge in the ultimate pleasure on holiday at the Ecocamp, you can unwind and immerse yourself in Camartin's very own South. That is a double South.

The south is a dream, a symbol. Ecocampers locate their south in nature. And so at ecocamps, the south is sustainable. And it gets even better: these campsites even turn the dream of a more environmentally friendly holiday into reality. There, campers don't have to dream of lying in the shade of the trees, they do it. The operators of these campsites work consistently to make the dream of sustainability come true. The ecocamps are designed to be close to nature. Energy is generated in a way that is environmentally friendly and sustainable and used sparingly. Regional products taste good and are more environmentally friendly. Water is treated as a precious commodity - to name a few examples.

On our booking portal you will find 219 excellent camps that promise a lot of sustainable south. Let's head south.

Reading tip: “Everyone needs their South”, Iso Camartin, Suhrkamp , ​​to read yourself or as a gift for all lovers of the South

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