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Climate-Friendly Business - Title

Climate-Conscious – Climate-Friendly – Climate-Positive

Climate-Friendly Businesses show that commitment and success are two sides of the same coin. The avoidance of climate-damaging emissions is a crucial task for the future. Many years ago, we already supported campsites in climate protection. Some particularly committed camps were even able to become climate neutral with our help. Those who enjoy their holidays on these campsites are helping to improve the global climate with their stay. These camps show in a tangible way that tourism and everyday life can be climate-friendly and comfortable.

How does a Climate-Friendly Campsite meet this major challenge?
Together with the climate protection advisors from ECOCAMPING, the business is first thoroughly examined: Can the heat and power supply also be secured with renewable energies? How can energy efficiency be further increased? What environmentally friendly offers can be made to the campers?
A total of 28 demanding criteria must be met and demonstrated. This is one reason why only a few camps have made it so far. Only small residual emissions (mostly fuel for the lawn mower or other kinds of appliances for which there are no emission-free alternatives yet) can be compensated by an offset project according to the internationally recognised Gold Standard. This makes the award more valuable and meaningful than many others.

Is your interest piqued?

Then let’s go for the best of the best. Click here for the Climate-Friendly Campsites.
Climate-Friendly Camps