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e-mobile camping in Bavaria

e-mobile camping in Bavaria

These 25 campsites are making themselves fit for electromobility as part of the project Zukunftsoffensive Elektromobilität and are thus e-mobile pioneers.

Electromobility and camping are trendy, ecological and innovative. Both together make your holiday experience more climate-friendly. There are several ways to enjoy an e-mobile holiday:

Arrive, check in, everything is already there

Travel to the campsite of your choice by electric car and charge up immediately after arrival and spend the night in one of the many different types of accommodations at Bavarian campsites. You don’t need your own tent, camper van or caravan to go camping in Bavaria – all the amenities for a relaxing holiday in nature are already available on request.

Enjoying e-mobility freedom

On the road in your own or rented e-camping bus. Many campsites offer separate camper van pitches. In addition to tranquillity and safety, the entire campsite infrastructure and high-quality all-round care are available there.

Fit and sustainable

After a day of travelling, you can relax at a well-equipped campsite. Some campsites specialise in bike tourists and offer secure storage and repair facilities for bicycles, cooking and seating facilities, as well as lounges. There is also special rental accommodation for bike enthusiasts. And all the while the e-bike recharges for the next day’s adventures.

Try something new

Never ridden an e-bike? Why not enjoy an Allgäu tour with the campsite’s e-bikes? Many campsites rent out different e-vehicles. The advantages are obvious: riding e-bikes, cargo e-bikes, e-cars or e-scooters on site is fun, and at the same time the journey becomes an experience.

Good mood and fresh air on the campsite

Silent and odourless mobility on the campsite ensures more relaxation and holiday quality. Betriebsfahrzeuge für die täglichen Aufgaben werden durch elektrisch betriebene Pkws, Fahrräder, Lastenräder und andere Fahrzeuge ersetzt. This protects the environment and ensures fresh air during your holiday.