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ECOCAMPS is a portal that only lists certified camps. The camps have been awarded ECOCAMPING, ClimaCamps and the European Ecolabel (EU ECOLABEL in Germany).

Where does the data on ECOCAMPS come from?

Each camp manages its entry independently via its own account and is therefore responsible for keeping the data up to date. Exceptions are the data on the environmental criteria and awards. These are entered by us on the basis of information from the certification documents.

How is the portal financed?

The awarded ECOCAMPING and ClimaCamps pay annual license fees. The ECOCAMPS portal is financed from this. The Federal Environment Agency and RAL gGmbH support the public relations work of the European Ecolabel (EU ECOLABEL) in Germany.

What What makes ECOCAMPS different from other listing portals?

  1. Listing is only possible for certified camps (ECOCAMPING, ClimaCamps or EU ECOLABEL in Germany)
  2. Ranking and placement of the camps are not for sale . We do not offer any additional options that Camps can use to improve their ranking or placement in the listing. The camps are displayed according to the selected criteria. The campsites are listed according to their data completeness and guest rating.
  3. We do not receive any booking commissions.


How can I rate an ECOCAMP?

  1. Go to the camp overview page
  2. Click the Reviews tab
  3. Click the “Submit your own review” button at the top.
  4. Complete the review form and submit your review using the “Submit Review” button .
  5. Confirm your email address using the link sent to you via email

Why doesn't my review appear?

Reviews will only be activated after the email address has been confirmed . After submitting your review, you will receive an email with a confirmation link . If your review is not online despite email confirmation, there may also be a policy violation.

Feedback & Participation

Where can I report incorrect data?

Have you discovered incorrect information? Please contact us via this Contact form . We take care of this.

Where can I register for the ECOCAMPING newsletter?

On our website here: Newsletter registration