ECOCAMPING awards campsites that stand out due to their special commitment to the environment. These awarded campsites commit to comply with all the criteria of the following ECOCAMPING mission statement.
Together we want …
ECOCAMPING Icon - Informieren
… … to inform about and to involve guests, employees, partners and the public in our commitment.
ECOCAMPING Icon - Energieeffizienz
… use energy efficiently.
ECOCAMPING Icon - Nachhaltige Energieerzeugung
… promote a more sustainable and eco-friendly energy production.
ECOCAMPING Icon - Saubere Luft
… keep the air clean.
ECOCAMPING Icon - Bodenbelastung
… avoid the pollution of soil and water.
ECOCAMPING Icon - Wasserqualität
… use water sparingly.
ECOCAMPING Icon - Recycling
… avoid waste and to optimize material cycles.
ECOCAMPING Icon - Naturverträglichkeit
… design campsites in a nature-friendly way and promote biodiversity.
ECOCAMPING Icon - Freitzeitgestaltung
… take nature and the environment into account when offering leisure activities.
ECOCAMPING Icon - Mobilität
… promote low-impact transportation.
ECOCAMPING Icon - Regionale Produkte
… give preference to products and service providers from the  region.
ECOCAMPING Icon - Schadstoffe vermeiden
… clean in an eco-friendly way and to avoid hazardous substances.
How exactly these aspects are implemented varies from campsite to campsite and is worked out in cooperation between the campsites and ECOCAMPING.

While there are various environmental awards that also deal with the tourism industry, among others, and recognise environmentally friendly operators where appropriate, ECOCAMPING – as the name suggests – focuses exclusively on camping businesses. The award was created in Constance on Lake Constance more than 20 years ago. After initially working with campsites in the region, the ECOCAMPING team now cooperates with over 200 camping businesses in Germany, Austria, Switzerland, Italy, Luxembourg, Croatia and Slovenia.

In order to receive the award, campsites are informed in detail by ECOCAMPING advisors and a joint strategy is developed on how the business can become more sustainable. Award-winning campsites also commit to a Monitoring of the annual consumption of electricity, heating energy, water and the amount of residual waste, including CO2 emissions balancing. Based on this data, Based on this data, it is analysed how a campsite can become even more sustainable.

ECOCAMPING also offers regular networking meetings to exchange ideas with other campsite operators, as well as lectures and white paperson a wide range of topics, ranging from green roofs to e-mobility on campsites.

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