The main criterion for ranking and displaying the ECOCAMP entries in the search results are the points. In the standard sorting, entries with more points are displayed closer to the front. ECOCAMPS can reach a maximum value of 400 points for completeness and reviews. This is composed as follows:


The more completely an ECOCAMP entry is filled out, the more points are awarded. If all data and description texts have been filled out accurately and images are available, the entry will be received 100 points (He also receives the   "Completeness award"). If there is a lack of completeness, correspondingly less.

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Number of Reviews

Every review is an added value for the visitor and therefore also an added value for the entry. Up to   100 points   can be collected through reviews. The first rating earns the most points and each additional rating increases the value.

On tips how to successfully collect reviews: look here

Extra points

Individual company entries can receive additional points individually from the ECOCAMPS editorial team. If you have any questions about additional points or would like to know how you can receive additional points for your business entry, please contact us using our contact form.

The default sorting is based on number of points. If necessary, visitors can switch to...
  • Sorting by ratings (the best rated ECOCAMPS above)
  • Sorting by number of reviews
  • Newest entries first
The evaluation is made exclusively by visitors and cannot be influenced. No improved review can be purchased and no review that meets our guidelines can be deleted upon request!

If you have any questions, we are happy to help. You can reach us via the contact form.