The European Ecolabel (EU ECOLABEL)

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The EU Ecolabel recognizes special commitment to the environment. It is an award from the European Union that is given to various product groups and services. What is crucial is that these have a lower environmental impact over their entire lifespan than comparable products without an award. Different award criteria are defined for each product group. Campsites belong to the accommodation product group. For example, it calls for using renewable energy sources, saving energy and water, reducing waste and promoting the improvement of the local environment.

The campsites awarded the EU Ecolabel must meet strict criteria and requirements and are committed to ensuring the sustainable development of their company in the future. Criteria that must be met include, for example, the operational contribution to the coal phase-out and the exclusive use of green electricity . But efficient technology must also be used: LED lighting, water-saving shower heads and toilet flushes are mandatory. The new EU Ecolabel directive for accommodation providers has been in effect for campsites since October 2018 . ECOCAMPING contributed intensively to the amendment and design of this guideline. ECOCAMPING advises interested and committed camping companies when submitting applications and also carries out the necessary checks.

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